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  1. Get organized

Keep track of important due dates by regularly reviewing your syllabi.

  1. Know your professor.

Make sure to utilize your professor’s office hours and review sessions.

  1. Set goals.

What do you hope to accomplish? Keep these goals in mind as you navigate your way throughout the semester!

  1. Visit Academic Help Centers.

The tutoring, math, and writing centers are designed to help you! For more information, visit the Academic Central webpage.

  1. Join something!

Get involved! With over 300 clubs and organizations on campus, the ASUN website will help you find the clubs that best suit you.


The best of luck to you on your Spring 2016 Semester!

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CH Rumors

Have you heard that the core humanities requirement might be eliminated? If so… you are not alone. This rumor is currently going strong. The possibility of the CH requirement being eliminated is, as far as I know, just a rumor. For now, don’t delay in taking CH 201 because it is a prerequisite for capstone classes that you will take later on in your studies. Also, if you happen to take CH at TMCC, be sure to have your TMCC transcript sent to UNR twice—once when you enroll in the class and again when a grade is posted. You can take the CH classes in any combination between UNR and TMCC—all three courses don’t need to be completed at the same institution (another rumor I hear frequently!).