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Make Academic Advising Appointments Online!!!

Students in the College of Business can now easily make academic advising appointments online, using Appointment Plus. To get started, follow the link to the University’s Appointment Plus website and create an account. Students may also find this link on The College of Business Academic Advising webpage. This new online approach will make the process of scheduling an academic advising meeting simple and convenient!

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If you make an appointment in the Student Success Center, you will meet with one of three advisors here.

I coordinate advising and also meet with students—from new incoming freshmen to graduating seniors. I also conduct group advising sessions for orientation and 3rd semester students. I really love to meet individually with students throughout their time here in the College of Business. The most rewarding aspect of being an academic advisor is seeing someone that I have worked with for four years graduate and go on to start their professional life!

Robyn Davis, Coordinator, Advising

Linda Ahlmeyer works primary with transfer and international students. She has been in the undergraduate advising in the College of Business since the advising center was established; she has so much knowledge about our institution and other institutions and is an amazing resource for students.

Linda Ahlmeyer, Academic Advisor

Sarah Timko works with all business students… especially those in their first two years and those getting ready to graduate. Sarah handles all of our graduation processes and is very familiar with the steps students need to take to graduate!

Sarah Timko, Academic Advisor

We hope to see you soon!


I can say without hesitation that all students can get something out of advising, regardless of how prepared they are coming in. That’s because we help students in a lot of different ways. Most frequently, the advisors in the Student Success Center assist students to identify classes to take. It’s important to us that students don’t take anything that they don’t need, and that they keep progressing toward graduation. We also help students to indentify major and minor areas of study, and to take classes to meet those requirements. In addition, the advisors in the SSC work with students to navigate campus policies and utilize campus resources.

Business students are advised by the advisors in the SSC during the first two years, and by faculty advisors in the second two years, or after declaring a major. The faculty advisors have the most knowledge about the major and the field, and so they are a huge resource to students as they prepare to enter a job or career.

We care about student success. Come see an advisor today!


Have you been trying to add full classes? Sometimes the best way to do this is just to keep checking MyNevada every day. Students are always dropping and adding classes. Check a few times a day! Your persistence can pay off.

Near the start of school, schedules are starting to be finalized, so you may not see that opening that you had hoped for. So what next? You can try an add slip request. This is an electronic request to the instructor… your way to let a professor know that you want to get into his or her class. Use the student comments section in the add slip request to tell the professor why you want to get in. Your request will be reviewed first by an academic advisor in the Student Success Center and then by the instructor of the class. If your request is approved… great! You will get an email and then be able to register in MyNevada.

If your request is denied… your next step is to check the General Catalog for your major requirements come up with some alternate options for fall semester classes. Check open courses and make sure you have met the prerequisites.

Finally, you can meet with an academic advisor to get help in identifying classes to take! Call us at 784-4912×1 to schedule an appointment.