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Most student success depends on the individual student.  If that is the case then what can students do to make sure their academic program prepares them with the right skills to succeed?  Here are a few ideas:

Be willing to share, talk and listen with faculty and other students.

Give it your best by being diligent in your studies and class preparation.  

Develop an awareness of your environment and extend your learning experience beyond the classroom. 

Be discerning in what you read.

Set career goals now and work toward them. 

Keep an open mind and be open to the examination of new ideas and facts.

Be perceptive and learn to “read between the lines.” 

Practice humility. Realize that however much you know, there is a lot more to be learned, and that some of what you think you know might be wrong

Have fun! College should be a fun experience.  Enjoy it.

Greg Mosier, Dean


Greg Mosier, Dean of the College of BusinessGreg Mosier is dean of the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno since 2007.

As dean he has led College strategic planning with initiatives in student success, sustainability and global studies. Among his other initiatives he developed a new College Advisory Board model to allow for more participation of alumni and supporters; A Corporate Partners program; and a college marketing campaign including publications and print and electronic media.

Welcome to all of our new students getting started in the College of Business for the spring semester! About 30 students attended today’s orientation session. Here is Jane Bessette presenting about the work that she does with students.

Jane Bessette, Director, Career Connections

I promised that I would post the various links that I talked about in today’s session:

Add Slip Request System

Use this site to request entry into a course that is full, or a course for which you have not met the prerequisites.

Advising Manual

We provide this guide to all of our new students. Refer to the Advising Manual for more information about academic advising, placement testing, core curriculum, sample schedules, business pre-major requirements, business majors and minors, and faculty advisors.

Major Worksheets

Use these one-page checklists to track your progress in a business major.

Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition

Submit your business plan to win $50,000!

Academic Calendar

Don’t miss any important dates or deadlines.

Business Buzz

Sign up to receive announcements and information about great opportunities in the form of a weekly e-newsletter from the College of Business.

College of Business Scholarships

If you are declared into a business major or will declare in the spring semester, complete this application in addition to the FAFSA.

Also, don’t forget to use the search box at the College of Business website to find any other information that you are looking for. Have a great semester!

Current and prospective business students have a great opportunity today to network with faculty representatives from each major in the college and with business professionals from a variety of business fields. The venue is the Business Major & Resource Fair and Career Exploration Roundtables, scheduled today, Tuesday 9/27, at 11am—12:15pm, 1—2:15pm and 2:30—3:45pm in Crowley Student Union Ballrooms B and C.

Students should try to ask the faculty and business professionals questions that can’t be answered by a simple Google search. Here are some suggestions.

Questions for faculty:

  • What careers do College of Business graduates pursue with this major?
  • What is new in the field?
  • What kinds of classes do students in this major take in their sophomore and junior years?
  • Who else should I talk to about this major?
  • What do you like about this field?
  • Based on my interests and career goals, which classes should I take to fulfill major electives?
  • Which fields should I consider for a second major or minor?

Questions for professionals:

  • How could I enter your field or organization?
  • What should I do as a student to prepare?
  • What do you like about what you do?
  • What are the challenges?
  • If you could do it over, what would you do different?

Please come to the Business Major & Resource Fair and Career Exploration Roundtables today!


I talked briefly in the College of Business Welcome Event about student engagement. I said that “engagement” may sound like academic-speak, but it is really the best word I’ve found to describe something that is critical to student success. We know that students are more likely to graduate when they have a strong network on campus, and when they are connected physically, emotionally, interpersonally and academically to our institution. Our former President Milt Glick was constantly striving to create a more “sticky campus” where students would want to spend their time, and connect with one another and with faculty and staff in the physical spaces here.

Back to engagement—for me that word is a catch-all to describe anything that students do to more fully experience their time here. Meeting new people, going to events, attending class every day, using the Knowledge Center, and talking to faculty and staff (including academic advisors!) all count toward engagement.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever heard for new incoming freshmen is this:

You have a limited window to connect with new people and form new habits. In a few weeks, most students will settle into some kind of routine. Today, everything is new to you and to all of your peers, so take advantage of this time to meet new people and start college out on the right foot. Get out of your comfort zone and make some friends! Check out the club fairs, barbeques and other events that are designed to get you involved!

Make engagement the measure of your days. What does it mean to you?


If you make an appointment in the Student Success Center, you will meet with one of three advisors here.

I coordinate advising and also meet with students—from new incoming freshmen to graduating seniors. I also conduct group advising sessions for orientation and 3rd semester students. I really love to meet individually with students throughout their time here in the College of Business. The most rewarding aspect of being an academic advisor is seeing someone that I have worked with for four years graduate and go on to start their professional life!

Robyn Davis, Coordinator, Advising

Linda Ahlmeyer works primary with transfer and international students. She has been in the undergraduate advising in the College of Business since the advising center was established; she has so much knowledge about our institution and other institutions and is an amazing resource for students.

Linda Ahlmeyer, Academic Advisor

Sarah Timko works with all business students… especially those in their first two years and those getting ready to graduate. Sarah handles all of our graduation processes and is very familiar with the steps students need to take to graduate!

Sarah Timko, Academic Advisor

We hope to see you soon!


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