September 2012

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For the first time today, I’m addressing parents AND students. I appreciate that the transition from high school to college is difficult for both students and parents. It might help to have some guidelines for conversations between parents and students about school in the first year.

For academics. Unfortunately, FERPA laws prevent anyone at UNR from sharing student academic information with anyone other than the student. We advise parents to ask their students specific questions to target their engagement in the classroom. Examples of questions that may be beneficial are:

  • Are you using each of your class syllabi regularly to stay current with your class required assignments and readings?
  • Have you utilized the library to study, meet with study groups or use technology resources?
  • Have you looked into available tutoring resources that you may need for your classes?
  • Are you using WebCampus to stay current with class assignments, materials and updates?
  • Do you know when your professors scheduled office hours are and are you willing to take advantage of them?

For advising: Although it seems like the dust has just settled for the fall semester, spring semester will come before we know it. By November, students need to be prepared to register for their spring classes. To prepare for this, students have many resources that they should take advantage of.

  • They should know how to access and use the Advising Manual and use it to research the various degrees and degree requirements.
  • They should be comfortable explaining the requirements for Business Pre-Majors. This includes knowing which of the classes they have completed and which they should try to enroll in for spring.
  • They should be aware of advising resources and policies including the College of Business Student Success Center in Ansari Business Building Room 409.