Advice for Adding Classes

Lots of business students have some challenges getting into classes in the semester that they are finishing the pre-business core. We recognized this problem several years ago and developed a web application for students to request entry into classes that they can’t add via MyNEVADA – because all 300- and 400-level business classes (except ECON) require that students be declared into a specific business major to get in. In order to declare a business major, you must be enrolled in classes to complete the pre-business core, and it must be past the drop date on those classes.

The web application that I mentioned is the College of Business Add Slip System (CASS). The home page of CASS explains the criteria we use in approving add slip requests – please read it before submitting an add slip. Know that each add slip is reviewed by an advisor in the College of Business Student Success Center before being forwarded to the appropriate department and instructor for review.

If you are having trouble finding classes to take in the summer and fall:

Start with core curriculum. Enroll in any remaining core classes. If you are taking CH at TMCC, be sure to send official transcripts both after you enroll, AND after you receive a grade in the class. CH 201 is a prerequisite for MGT 496, MGT 462, ECON 334 and ECON 442, among other classes. Don’t let the fact that you took CH at TMCC delay you from registering in those classes.

Then, look at the pre-business core. If you completed pre-business core classes via AP or transfer work, make sure that you can see that work on your Academic Requirements Report (AAR) in MyNEVADA.

Finally, check the major worksheet for your intended major. Start with 300-level classes in the upper-division business core and in your major. Check the course prerequisites! You can submit an add slip for courses that you have met all prerequisites except completion of the pre-business core, and the instructor will decide whether to allow you in. Also, check MyNEVADA for open classes. You have a better chance of getting into classes that are currently open, rather than courses that are full.

And finally – use the student comments section in CASS to make your case to the instructor to allow you in. Remember – you are using CASS to request an EXCEPTION to the prerequisites for the course – tell us why you have to have that exception. Everybody in the College of Business is dedicated to helping students graduate in four years – but your initiative and the time you spend determining what you should take will pay off in getting the classes that you need. As always, if you need further assistance, send an email to or call 784-4912×1 to make an appointment with an academic advisor in the Student Success Center.

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