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The last day to drop classes for the spring 2012 semester is Friday, March 23. This is an important issue for those students who are feeling their grades may be suffering in a particular class and wondering if dropping the course is the correct action to take.

It’s IMPORTANT to note that withdrawing from or repeating a course may impact financial aid. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships at (775) 784-4666 prior to dropping a course to assess the possible consequences.

Every student should understand the policy of dropping a course and the policy for replacing a grade for a certain course. Any course may be withdrawn from until the last drop day of March 23. After this date, if the course is not withdrawn from, the student will remain in the course and receive the appropriate letter grade which will affect the GPA. If the student withdraws from the course, they will receive a “W” on their transcript and the GPA will not be impacted. If the withdrawn course is mandatory for the completion of a degree, the student will have to retake the course. The catalog states this about withdrawn courses:

“W” signifies that a course has been dropped or that a student has withdrawn from the university with passing grades. The grade of “W” is not included in the grade-point average. After the first eight weeks of the semester, an “F” is given to students who are failing when they withdraw from the university

Tomorrow we’ll talk more about things to consider when dropping a course, and on Thursday we’ll talk about grade replacement.

We’ve added a 3rd semester mandatory advising session on Friday, March 30 from 1-3pm. For those students who are thinking about taking summer courses—please register for one of two sessions on March 15 or the session on March 30 to be able to take advantage of the earliest registration times available! Don’t forget—students must register for a 3rd semester mandatory advising session AND complete the MBTI to attend! Check your email for more information.

Most student success depends on the individual student.  If that is the case then what can students do to make sure their academic program prepares them with the right skills to succeed?  Here are a few ideas:

Be willing to share, talk and listen with faculty and other students.

Give it your best by being diligent in your studies and class preparation.  

Develop an awareness of your environment and extend your learning experience beyond the classroom. 

Be discerning in what you read.

Set career goals now and work toward them. 

Keep an open mind and be open to the examination of new ideas and facts.

Be perceptive and learn to “read between the lines.” 

Practice humility. Realize that however much you know, there is a lot more to be learned, and that some of what you think you know might be wrong

Have fun! College should be a fun experience.  Enjoy it.

Greg Mosier, Dean


Greg Mosier, Dean of the College of BusinessGreg Mosier is dean of the College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno since 2007.

As dean he has led College strategic planning with initiatives in student success, sustainability and global studies. Among his other initiatives he developed a new College Advisory Board model to allow for more participation of alumni and supporters; A Corporate Partners program; and a college marketing campaign including publications and print and electronic media.

Students who are entering their third semester at UNR in the fall 2012 semester must attend a 3rd semester mandatory advising session to register for summer and fall courses. Students should review the College of Business Advising Manual before the session, and bring a list of planned courses for the summer and fall. We will discuss the core curriculum and pre-business core requirements, and allow plenty of time for questions.


3RD SEMESTER MANDATORY ADVISING SESSIONS (All sessions will meet in HREL 109/110)

9am, Thursday 3/15

3pm, Thursday 3/15

3pm, Wednesday 4/18

9am, Thursday 4/19

9am, Wednesday 4/25

1pm, Thursday, 4/26


To register for 3rd semester mandatory advising, students should go to Career Navigator and follow the steps below. An email will then be sent with directions to complete a self-assessment called the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI). Students must register for a 3rd semester mandatory advising session AND complete the MBTI to attend! We will also cover the results of the MBTI as part of the 3rd semester mandatory advising session. Jane Bessette, Director of Career Connections, will interpret students’ MBTI results and lead some activities around major and career decision-making. Students must be registered for a session and have completed the MBTI by midnight on Wednesday, March 14 to attend a session on March 15.



Go to and click STUDENTS & ALUMNI.



[Skip Step 1 if you already have an account]

Step 1: Click NEW USERS REGISTER HERE & follow the directions.

  • Use your NetID
  • Fill out student registration form
  • Open email to confirm
  • Once verified begin search

Step 2: Click the EVENTS tab in the top navigation bar.

Click on the WORKSHOPS tab.

Step 3: Click on the MANDATORY THIRD SEMESTER ADVISING— COLLEGE OF BUSINESS session of your choice. Click RSVP.


Summer enrollment for freshmen starts on March 30th. Fall enrollment for freshmen starts on April 30th. Students should complete 3rd semester mandatory advising as soon as possible! An email with all of the information here (and more!) has been sent to each student who has a 3rd semester mandatory advising HOLD on their account in MyNEVADA. Students should ensure that an accurate email address is reflected in MyNEVADA.

Third semester advising is a great way for students to connect with advisors to prepare for their second year at UNR. I can’t wait to see all of the business freshmen in a 3rd semester mandatory advising session! See you soon!

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