Grade Replacement

If a student stays in a course that they are not doing well in, and receives a poor letter grade they want changed, and the course is 100-200 level, then the student can retake the course and have the letter grade replaced. A student can do this with five 100-200 level courses, but the course must be taken within the next two following semesters. This is what the catalog says about replacing a grade:

R” signifies replaced. An individual course grade replaced under academic forgiveness will not calculate into GPA. Students may repeat a maximum of 15 lower-division credits (100-200 level) to replace original University of Nevada, Reno grades. The course(s) must be repeated and completed at the University within the next two regular semesters in which the student is enrolled. If the course is not offered within the next two regular semesters, the student must take the course the next time it is offered. The most recent grade earned in the course will be used in the grade-point calculation. Students who wish to utilize the grade replacement policy must file an application in the Office of Admissions and Records. Students may not apply for grade replacement for courses in which credit was earned by departmental exam or for courses in which they received a sanction for academic dishonesty.

Contact an academic advisor in the College of Business Student Success Center for more information!

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