Last Day to Drop Spring 2012 Part 2

If students are not doing as well as hoped in a class this semester, there are two options in lower-division (100-200 level) classes—either withdraw from the course, or stay in the course and replace the grade in the future. Here are some main questions students should ask themselves when making this decision:

  • If I withdraw from a course, will I drop under 12 credits—which will affect my financial aid and housing here at UNR? (All students receiving financial aid and/or in student housing must be enrolled in at least 12 credits.)
  • Is the course I am doing poorly in 100-200 level? (If it is above this level, the course will be eligible for grade replacement.)
  • If I will still be in 12 or more credits even if I withdraw from a course and the course is 100-200 level, is it better for me to stay in the course to learn as much as possible so I can succeed in the course when I retake it, or drop it now?
  • Have I already received an “R” for five courses? (If so, you will not be able to replace any more grades and withdrawing from the course is the best option rather than receiving a poor grade and then retaking and replacing the grade.)
  • If I stay in a course, will it affect my overall GPA and cause me to go on academic probation? (Please review academic probation standards and dismissal policy.)
  • If I stay in a course will it affect my overall GPA and cause me to lose my financial aid? (Please review the SAP policies for academic probation and finanacial aid.)

There is a lot of information to consider when thinking of dropping a course. Please take all of this information into consideration and make a wise decision. Remember—the last day for students to drop an individual class in the spring 2012 semester is Friday, March 23. The academic advisors in the College of Business Student Success Center are available this week to help with your decision to stay in a class or drop it this semester. We are also ready to assist with your planning for summer and fall coursework!

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