Course Prerequisites

Just wanted to update you on something that has been going down this week—the prerequisites for some economics classes were not enforced in MyNEVADA, and so some students have been dropped from classes that they were registered in. This is really unfortunate,  because some of these students may be been registered for months, and now they have to find a new class well into the first week or take fewer credits than they had planned. I’m writing about this to let each of you know that you as a student will ultimately be held responsible for making sure that you are supposed to be in the classes that you’ve registered for. MyNEVADA is a good system—but it’s new, and we’re still working some kinks out. Search the term “course descriptions” at to check class prerequisites. My apologies to those of you who were dropped from an ECON class. Please contact me directly at if I can help you.

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