What To Do With PSC 101 Transfer Credit from AP Exams?

Many students here at UNR took AP courses in high school and received university credit for certain classes. Some of these AP transfer credits are for courses such as English and Math; however, some of you may have taken the Government and Politics AP exam. If you received a 3, 4, or 5 on this exam, you will have received credit for the course PSC 101. Many students have the question of: “What can I do with the PSC 101 credit from my AP exam?” Let’s take some time to solve the mystery behind this course. (More Information on all AP transfer credit can be found on page 4-5 of the Advising Manual)

Political Science 101 is a UNR core social science course. Every student needs a certain amount of social science credits, depending on their college of study, to graduate from UNR. In the College of Business, we require two courses of social science. As a business student, as many of you are very familiar, recommended social science courses come from this list: ANTH 101, PSC 211, PSC 231, SOC 101, or PSY 101. These core social science courses give business students breadth in their understanding of the business world from different paradigms and are necessary for success in the long term. If one of the courses from the list above has been taken, PSC 101 from AP exams can count for the second necessary social science course in the College of Business. This is one option for PSC 101.

The second way PSC 101 from AP exams can be used is to help replace CH 203. Many of you will read this and be very excited to be able to replace a core humanities course; however, it is not that
simple. In addition to the credits from PSC 101, a second 1 credit course called PSC 100 must be completed before graduation. If both the PSC 101 and the 1 credit PSC 100 courses are completed, together they will count for CH 203.

Note: PSC 100 is a dynamically dated, semester-based online class, delivered via WebCampus Learn.  Please note these are not “work at your own pace” courses: they have specific start and end dates, along with specific due dates for lessons and exams.  Unlike the open-enrollment format, if these classes are not completed by the end of the term, a failing grade will be issued.”  

This means, you must complete PSC 100 in the time frame that the course is offered or you will fail the course and must take it again. Using PSC 100 and PSC 101 together to count for CH 203 is an option but not the recommended if possible. WHY? Being business student let’s look at the opportunity cost of using PSC 101 as a social science or core humanities course:

  1. If you use PSC 101 as your second social science course, you will still have to take CH 203. CH 203 is a 3 credit course. (Option 1 = 3 credits of time and money)
  2. If you use PSC 101 to count for CH 203 instead of your second social science, you will have to take the 1 credit PSC 100 course online in a timely fashion and pass the course. If this PSC 100 is completed, CH 203 will be finished; however, you will still need to take a second social science course to complete the College of Business requirement. (Option 2= 4 credits of time and money)

As you can see, using PSC 101 as a social science means you take 3 credits and using it as CH 203 means you take 4 credits in total. It is up to you how to use PSC 101 to your advantage; however, be wary of PSC 101 counting for CH 203. Students have not graduated because they forget to take PSC 100 before graduating and must complete that course for PSC 101 to count fully for CH 203. I hope this amswers some of your question about PSC 101 transfer credit from AP exams and good luck!

End note: PSC 100 can be found on MyNevada. The current dates for this course are:


PSC 100 Nevada Constitution
Class 1 January 30–March 9
Class 2 March 26–May 4
Class 1 May 28–July 6
FALL 2012
Class 1 September 3–October 12
Class 2 October 29–December 7


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