Welcome New Students!

Welcome to all of our new students getting started in the College of Business for the spring semester! About 30 students attended today’s orientation session. Here is Jane Bessette presenting about the work that she does with students.

Jane Bessette, Director, Career Connections

I promised that I would post the various links that I talked about in today’s session:

Add Slip Request System

Use this site to request entry into a course that is full, or a course for which you have not met the prerequisites.

Advising Manual

We provide this guide to all of our new students. Refer to the Advising Manual for more information about academic advising, placement testing, core curriculum, sample schedules, business pre-major requirements, business majors and minors, and faculty advisors.

Major Worksheets

Use these one-page checklists to track your progress in a business major.

Sontag Entrepreneurship Competition

Submit your business plan to win $50,000!

Academic Calendar

Don’t miss any important dates or deadlines.

Business Buzz

Sign up to receive announcements and information about great opportunities in the form of a weekly e-newsletter from the College of Business.

College of Business Scholarships

If you are declared into a business major or will declare in the spring semester, complete this application in addition to the FAFSA.

Also, don’t forget to use the search box at the College of Business website to find any other information that you are looking for. Have a great semester!

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