Dropping Classes

Thursday, October 27 is the last day to drop a class in the fall semester. Payment for the course won’t be refunded, and a “W” will appear on your transcript for the class. Drop through MyNEVADA.

The “W” isn’t too consequential in my opinion. It just indicates that you withdrew from the class. The only issue that I’ve encountered related to the “W” is when a student has a long history of dropping classes, graduate programs might wonder why.

There are several things to consider when dropping a class. Most importantly—will being enrolled in fewer credits impact your financial aid status and award for the fall or spring semesters? Will you need to enroll in additional credits in the spring semester? Please check with the Office of Student Financial Aid to determine the answers to these questions.

Also, consider that full-time student status is usually required for on-campus residents and some insurance policies. Full time status is 12 credits at Nevada. Through advising, we usually recommend that students enroll in 15 credits each semester—one reason is that then there is flexibility to drop a class if needed.

Finally, think about how the class is sequenced into your major requirements. For instance—dropping a math class will cause challenges for business students, because classes such as ECON 102, 103, 261, 262 and MATH 176 have lower math prerequisites.

The academic advisors in the College of Business Advising Center are pretty busy with 30 minute student appointments this week, but we would be happy to answer any questions that you have about dropping a class via phone or email. Please get in touch with us!

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