Elective Requirements

Recently, all of the business majors were adjusted to require a minimum of 120 credits rather than 124 or 128. The international business major still requires more credits for most students; the total on that major is 120-138. Here are the number of elective credits allowed for each major:

  • Information Systems: 2-9
  • International Business: 12 (regional track dependent)
  • General Business: 5-12
  • Finance: 0-6
  • Economics (BS): 8-15
  • Economics (BA): 21-42
  • Accounting/Information Systems: 0-6
  • Accounting: 2-9
  • Marketing: 5-12
  • Management: 8-15

General elective credits are designed to bridge any gap between credits earned in required courses and the minimum number of credits required to graduate. There are also major electives in some business majors, where students will choose one or more courses in the major from a list of options. 

Tomorrow I’ll write more about electives and how to choose which electives to take!

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