Campus Resource: Writing Center

The Writing Center is one more campus resource aimed at helping students succeed. The Writing Center offers 30 or 60 minute appointments with writing tutors. These individuals, usually undergraduate or graduate students with a background in English writing, can review your work and help with any phase of the writing process including developing ideas, constructing outlines, basic editing, and reviewing final drafts. The Writing Center is another FREE service for students.

As a student I learned that anything that helped me get an earlier start on a project was a good thing. I’m sure that I’m not the only one out there who has grappled with the P-word, something that I hear about all the time in the advising office… procrastination. Anyway, I often share my own personal experience with students and tell them that, for me, tutoring was as good for learning concepts that I had missed in class as it was a way to keep on top of the homework. Turning to the Writing Center for help may do the same thing for you. Don’t wait until tomorrow to get started on your next paper, and don’t forget about the Writing Center.

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