Campus Resource: Tutoring Center

This week I’ll be writing about academic and other resources available to students on the Nevada campus. These resources definitely pertain to the area of student success. Take advantage of them as needed!

The first resource is the Tutoring Center. The Tutoring Center provides an incredibly good deal for the services that students get. Appointment tutoring ($20 for five 50-minute sessions) allows for continuity throughout the semester with a regular tutor and tutoring time. I often recommend that students take advantage of appointment tutoring for math and statistics classes. This type of tutoring both supports what you are learning in the classroom and will help you stay on top of the coursework. Please note—it’s better to set up this type of tutoring early in the semester! The demand for tutoring goes up as the semester progresses. Get your session and tutor established as soon as possible!

You can also choose to stop by the Tutoring Center, the Joe Crowley Student Union, or the Knowledge Center for walk-in tutoring labs. This is good if you have a question about a specific problem or concept.

Additionally, the Tutoring Center website includes links to study skills resources. These websites cover note taking, test anxiety, time management, and other issues that many students struggle with.

There are even more types of tutoring available. Check out the Tutoring Center website for more information!

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