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Current and prospective business students have a great opportunity today to network with faculty representatives from each major in the college and with business professionals from a variety of business fields. The venue is the Business Major & Resource Fair and Career Exploration Roundtables, scheduled today, Tuesday 9/27, at 11am—12:15pm, 1—2:15pm and 2:30—3:45pm in Crowley Student Union Ballrooms B and C.

Students should try to ask the faculty and business professionals questions that can’t be answered by a simple Google search. Here are some suggestions.

Questions for faculty:

  • What careers do College of Business graduates pursue with this major?
  • What is new in the field?
  • What kinds of classes do students in this major take in their sophomore and junior years?
  • Who else should I talk to about this major?
  • What do you like about this field?
  • Based on my interests and career goals, which classes should I take to fulfill major electives?
  • Which fields should I consider for a second major or minor?

Questions for professionals:

  • How could I enter your field or organization?
  • What should I do as a student to prepare?
  • What do you like about what you do?
  • What are the challenges?
  • If you could do it over, what would you do different?

Please come to the Business Major & Resource Fair and Career Exploration Roundtables today!


Business Week is Coming!

The College of Business 4th annual Business Week celebration starts in just a few days! We are so excited for all of the events. Business Week really is a celebration of all things business, and each event is designed to help our students and faculty become more connected and more well-informed about what is currently going on in the business community.

This year we’ve organized a brand new event for prospective business students—a tour of the campus and college along with a free barbeque and visit to a business class scheduled for Monday, September 26. This event is designed for anyone who might be interested in coming to the College of Business. Please invite your friends and family to check us out!

Then on Tuesday, September 27 we have the Business Major & Resource Fair and Career Exploration Roundtables. This event offers our current students a chance to learn more about each major available in the college, and to talk to businesspeople about what they do and opportunities in various business fields.

I hope that you can join us for one of these great events. Click here for event details and to review the entire Business Week calendar.

Business Week 2009


I often see students who express concerns about some facet of their lives (academics, family, friends, living situation), and I refer many of them to the Counseling Services center on campus. Every student who is enrolled in more than six credits at Nevada pays a $35 Counseling Services fee. I hope that students will be more likely to use services that they have already paid for.

Counseling Services offers assistance to students in a number of areas, like substance abuse and international student concerns; and formats, such as individual counseling and couples counseling. If you are experiencing any emotional issues or have a concern about something that is impacting your relationships, academics or general well-being, please consider utilizing Counseling Services.


The Writing Center is one more campus resource aimed at helping students succeed. The Writing Center offers 30 or 60 minute appointments with writing tutors. These individuals, usually undergraduate or graduate students with a background in English writing, can review your work and help with any phase of the writing process including developing ideas, constructing outlines, basic editing, and reviewing final drafts. The Writing Center is another FREE service for students.

As a student I learned that anything that helped me get an earlier start on a project was a good thing. I’m sure that I’m not the only one out there who has grappled with the P-word, something that I hear about all the time in the advising office… procrastination. Anyway, I often share my own personal experience with students and tell them that, for me, tutoring was as good for learning concepts that I had missed in class as it was a way to keep on top of the homework. Turning to the Writing Center for help may do the same thing for you. Don’t wait until tomorrow to get started on your next paper, and don’t forget about the Writing Center.


The Mathematics Center is currently open in Ansari Business Building Room 610 from 8:00am to 5:00pm for walk-in tutoring. The Math Center features 20 computers with up-to-date math and statistics software and tutors to assist students with math and statistics. You must bring a student ID to use the Math Center!

You can access ongoing tutoring or drop-in tutoring for math and stats trough the Tutoring Center as well. The Math Center is a great option if you need help with a problem or concept, or if you need access to computers or software for a class.


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