Welcome New Students!

 Today you experienced one of the most important events of your life—the start of your college career. We all think of high school and college graduation as huge events—and they are—but today is also a big day. Looking back on my first day of college, it marked for me a major change in my life, and, of course, the start of a journey in higher education that I am still living today!

I hope that you are excited about starting your college career. I am excited about having you here. Remember that each of your advisors, instructors and other staff on campus have made it their job, career or even life’s work to help you. Please take advantage of the resources that are available to you.

And thanks to all of the students and parents who attended the College of Business Welcome Session today (about 150 students were in attendance!). It was wonderful to see you.

College of Business Welcome Event

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