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A couple of years ago, I noticed that I was seeing students who didn’t know what major they wanted to pursue–as late as the start of their third year in college. Now–we know that many students are wholly or partially undecided when they start college. That is very common and makes perfect sense. It became clear, though, that some students need more help–and more information–to decide on a business major within the first two years of college.

So in 2010, I taught BUS 101 to 126 new incoming students. The class was designed so that students could make a better-informed decision regarding college major and potential careers. In each session we were joined by faculty, current students, alumni and business professionals who spoke about their backgrounds and experience, and the major of the day and associated careers. It was really quite exciting for me to see students connecting with the presenters and considering their options so carefully last year. Some students were able to choose their majors that semester, while others still needed time to think… but they are making really well-informed decisions now! 

 We know that students are more successful at finding jobs when they are more prepared (e.g. well-networked, experienced and engaged with their field); and I think that it’s easier for students to prepare for a field if they know what field they plan to go into! I am looking forward to another semester of BUS 101 this fall. I can’t wait to meet my new students on September 2!

Dean Mosier, Honors & Awards Banquet 2010

BUS 101 Guest Speaker Dean Greg Mosier

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