The College of Business Student Success Center will continue walk-in hours Monday, April 20th in AB 409. Walk-in hours will be available for students who cannot make it to any appointments.

Dates for Walk-ins are as follows:

Monday, April  20,  1pm – 4pm

Wednesday, April 22,   2:30pm – 4:30pm

Thursday, April 23,   9am – 12:00pm

Students can ONLY come to walk-in hours for:

  • Major declarations
  • General advising
  • Schedule questions
  • Assistance with planner
  • Graduation checks
  • Mandatory advising holds

Please note, that if a student is on probation or a new transfer they cannot come in for walk-ins.

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As the economy begins to rebound, you may notice the person working at the desk next to you this week is not the same person who was there last week. Improving job markets generally cause employees to begin looking for greener pastures.

Turnover is costly. In terms of economic cost, businesses should expect to incur a cost equivalent to about 20 percent of the salary for each departing employee. It is my observation that some companies often struggle to retain good people while others have very little turnover.

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For the first time today, I’m addressing parents AND students. I appreciate that the transition from high school to college is difficult for both students and parents. It might help to have some guidelines for conversations between parents and students about school in the first year.

For academics. Unfortunately, FERPA laws prevent anyone at UNR from sharing student academic information with anyone other than the student. We advise parents to ask their students specific questions to target their engagement in the classroom. Examples of questions that may be beneficial are:

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From the Provost:

Some important deadlines are coming up:

August 17-September 7:

• Financial Aid begins disbursement to Student accounts.

• Students receiving financial aid may not drop below
full time if funded for full time enrollment without permission of the
Financial aid Office.

August 22:

• Distribution of Financial Aid refund checks begins.

August 24:

• Fall semester fee are due.

August 31:

• The last day to drop classes with a 100% refund.


• The last day to register for classes.

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Now that all of our new incoming students have been through summer orientation, we went to remind everybody to recheck their fall semester schedules to make sure that everything is PERFECT for the upcoming semester! Follow the steps below and use our advising webpage – especially the BRAND NEW Advising Manual and PowerPoint Presentation for New Incoming Students.

Steps to finalize your fall semester schedule:

First, review your ACT/ SAT scores. Make sure that MyNEVADA shows the most current test scores.

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